Saturday, September 5, 2009

Real quick hits

  • Having enjoyed a great set by Blind Billy & The Spectacles last night, I wanted to first share with you two pieces of good news, Blind Billy related. The middle of October, Billy will be Grandpa Blind Billy. Billy combines a showmanship and harp talent which is only exceeded his personality. Billy is about a nice a guy as you're going to meet, so we're awful happy here at the BBBB for Bill.
  • And our other piece of good news for Blind Billy & The Spectacles is that Tommy Carroll has advanced a round in the Guitar Center King of the Blues Guitarists Competition. Though the winner receives a meet-and-greet with Joe Bonnamassa, which I am not too sure is an actual price, we certainly with Tommy the best.
  • I will NEVER understand the appeal of Tommy Castro. I have been sitting on the review for "Hard Believer" for a few months as I was hoping Alligator Records would have done something for Castro, but alas it is more of the same. Please check out the Boston Blues Society Web Site for my review, to be posted a later month.