Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Official Blog

OK, so we're back.

Before I get too far into the news which you may have seen, I want to acknowledge a great loss for a pretty cool lady. Karen Nugent, the poor lady who has to edit my stuff with the Boston Blues Society, lost her dog yesterday. As a dog person, and for someone who truly respects Karen, it is safe to say I feel or you Karen and naturally wish you the best.

On to more happier, yet still bluesier news, I was just handed some new Ten Foot Polecats (www.reverbnation.com/thetenfootpolecats ) material. The guys have nailed down an RL Burnside cover "See What My Buddy Done" (complete with a string breakage) and their first known original called "Tears On the Windshield".

We make no bones about digging that sound the Polecats lay down, so we're looking forward to the new CD whenever it may come out.

Having just received the new copy of Blues Review today, though the residents of The Love Shack are happy to hear Watermelon Slim now has the cache to go into semi-retirement and that Chris Stovall-Brown will be replacing Michael Newbury as Slim's touring drummer, we're not to please to hear about the country album or the semi-retirement.

We encourage you all to check out our friends Blind Billy & The Spectacles at Thirty First Main Street in Ayer Mass this Friday (http://www.blindbilly.com/gigs.html) and The Stubbies doing their blues jam "thang" (http://www.myspace.com/mondaynightbluesjam) around Massachusetts.

Also in a fit of shameless self promotion, Georgetown Fats & The Growlers demo is available at our myspace site (www.myspace.com/georgetownfatsandthegrowlers)

The First Blog

With today being Fat Tuesday, I can think of no better day to start a new project. The Boston Blues Blog will be an extension of the work done with the Boston Blues Society, but in an environment which is more conducive to quicker updates.......

The updates will be periodic, and sporadic. As I have the time to update the blog with news, it will be done. Though the initial responsibility will be to promote local music, secondary responsibilities will be to promote national acts (with a priority placed on national acts with Massachusetts roots).

This may or may not eventually be sanctioned by the Boston Blues Society.

This will always be an honest opinion.

It may or may not always be grammatically correct. I may forget to hit spell check.

I am not a professional writer, just someone passionate about good music who isn't shy about offering an opinion. Please think of this as a fledgling attempt to take the Inside Track model over to Boston blues music (sans cattiness).