Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tokyo Tramps - With These Hands - Boston Blues Society December Newsletter

Tokyo Tramps

With These Hands

TT35820 - Vagabond Entertainment

Review by Georgetown Fats

Being blown away by a band at a live show which had been previously unknown to me, is a magical moment which fuels my passion for live music. I had heard great things from reliable sources before regarding The Tokyo Tramps, but it was not until the first round of the 2009 Boston Blues Challenge did I have a chance to witness why so many people spoke so highly about the Tokyo Tramps. I went into the Blues Challenge having only second hand knowledge about the Tokyo Tramps, I left a fan their music and back story.

Stay tuned for the BBS December Newsletter. I have a hunch The Society will want to support such a great local blues rock trio.

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