Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ten Foot Polecats - Get Blamed for Everything they do

The Ten Foot Polecats

‘They Get Blamed for Everything They Do’.....

Back not quite where it all started, with drinks in hand. It may have been a driving January snowstorm, and may have required sneaking out of work early, but it was clear from Jim Chilson’s, of The Ten Foot Polecats voice over the phone there was news to share.

And what the hell? Drinks and riffing about music talk on a Friday is always a welcome way to spend time.

After talking over the merits over the new Mississippi Gabe Carter release, and batting around what questions I should ask Chris Johnson of the ‘Deep Blues Festival in an interview, we placed our order with the bartender. After a few Pabst Blue Ribbons, with a few whiskey backs, the conversation quickly gained speed.

Still feeling the effects of the ‘White Lightening Pong Challenge’ which managed to score me an advance copy of the as-yet-to-be released, as yet-to-be titled Ten Foot Polecats full length release Chilson enthusiastically slid over a copy of a disk containing some of their new material which was not previously available and some tweaks to previously recorded songs.

“Bar Hoppin” had been re-recorded and slowed down a bit. Now more of a slide tune instead of a frenetic piece of Punk/Blues. Using the best of that lo-fi sound The Ten Foot Polecats also managed to record a version of “Scratch Ticket” an instrumental created during a marathon rehearsal session in preparations for their national tour in the springtime and their local shows with Deep Blues artist Kent Burnside and show with Deep Blues Legend T-Model Ford.

After another round of Pabst Blue Ribbons with whiskey backs, the conversation quickly turned to record labels. Several Roots Rock labels were interested in both the “Sterno Soup” EP as well as the full length release. But there was one label known roots revolution by the neck that was showing considerable interest.

The conversation quickly bottled up though, not wanting to create bad mojo for ongoing negotiations Chilson was not ready to spill the beans. No offers of picking up another round, no threats of black mail photos which I didn’t have were going to get him to spill the beans. I had, nothing...but I pretty good buzz.

As we split the check, and headed off our separate ways I was assured there would be news, real soon......

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