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Ten Foot Polecats sign with Hillgrass Bluebilly Records and Entertainment

“I Get Blamed For Everything I Do” CD Release scheduled for Tuesday March 23, 2010

Boston/Worcester, MA, March 23, 2010 - Ten Foot Polecats are proud to announce that they have been signed by Hillgrass Bluebilly Records out of Austin, Texas. Their debut full length CD “I Get Blamed For Everything I Do” is due for physical release on Tuesday March 23, 2010. It exhibits the menacingly textured vocals of Jay Scheffler, the hyperkinetic guitar work of Jim Chilson, and the primal beat thumping of Dave Darling. Known as a record label that is at the forefront of the raw & primal roots revolution movement, Hillgrass Bluebilly, and Ten Foot Polecats seem like a perfect match.

Midwestern, Southern and Northeast United States Tours are currently being scheduled in support of the album starting in May 2010 along with local New England dates and CD Release parties. More announcements will be forthcoming.


Ten Foot Polecats are a three piece Punk Blues band with their deep roots drawn from the North Mississippi Hill Country. Even though they are basically in their sophomore season, they have made quite an impression on the National and local Boston and Worcester Massachusetts music scenes as they are currently one of the few blues based bands booked across the state in the rock, punk, and psychobilly circuits. Nationally, Ten Foot Polecats have been showcased at the 2009 Deep Blues Festival in Minnesota, The 2008 & 2009 Keene Music Festival in New Hampshire, the 2008 Boston Music Festival, and are scheduled to appear in the 2010 Muddy Roots Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. They have also toured the United States in 2009 and played venues in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. Ten Foot Polecats are creating their own sound and blurring the barriers between musical genres that have been created by some and adhered to by way too many.


Hillgrass Bluebilly Records and Entertainment is based out of Austin, Texas and is one of the premiere organizations that are entrenched in bringing a new rebel attitude to a burgeoning Roots and Americana movement. They have forgone the current sterile music market and are now delivering the new sound of the old ways and putting the hunger back into the listening experience that has been missing from today’s popular music. Hillgrass Bluebilly promotes the rebirth of passion, conviction & instrumentation, an equality of sound and skill that isn't trying to sell you anything, and just bringing truth in music as it goes back to its roots.

Hillgrass Bluebilly Records and Entertainment is both a record label and a show/tour promoter. Although their home base is in Austin, Texas, they also have satellite chapters in Arizona, Indiana, Florida, and Louisiana. They have worked with such artists as Scott H. Biram, Bob Log III, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Left Lane Cruiser, Possessed by Paul James, William Elliott Whitmore, Soda, Tom VandenAvond, C.W. Stoneking, Boomswagglers, and now Ten Foot Polecats. This past year Hillgrass Bluebilly’s double tribute compilation CD “Hiram and Huddie” was nominated for an Independent Music Award as it showcased some of today’s finest primal and raw roots revolution rebels as they paid tribute to the great Hank Williams & Leadbelly. Their artists have also been involved in film, television & radio. Such outlets have included Slowboat Films “The Folksinger”, song appearances in the movie, “The Waitress”, on television series such as “My Name is Earl” & “The Bounty Hunter”, as well as live appearances on various television shows.


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