Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cliff Belcher's "Shot through the heart"

Shot Through the Heart

Cliff Belcher

Review by Georgetown Fats

As an amateur journalist, and self-professed music snob I have long since gotten over the rationale of why others go to shows. Most people go to a show to hear their favorite songs, played identically the same way they were recorded. I keep paying my admission/ticket price and bar tab for a different reason.

I’m interested in knowing what HAS NOT been released/or in the pipeline. I trudge out to dingy club after dingy club to hear the song live before it is recorded. Stumbling over a hidden gem is why I keep hunting down new great music you have not heard yet.

How The Boss and I managed to connect with Cliff Belcher is a long an involved tale involving a Red Sox Hat (me), Memphis (the three off us), too much beer (me again), a favorite tight black T-Shirt (the Boss & I for differing reasons) and a guy who’s genuine warm personality is only eclipsed by his bass playing abilities (Cliff, all the way). Some of you know Cliff Belcher as Watermelon Slim’s touring bass player, due to Cliff’s outgoing nature, we’re happy to know him as more than his ‘day job’.

Though as a member of “The Workers”, he is quickly becoming a star within blues circles, Cliff is about as honest and genuine an individual as the musical style he prefers. His genuine personality is reflected within his own music.

“Shot Through the Heart” is a genuine interpretation of music once found on the days of Excello Records. With Jimbo Mathis on drums and guitar and Eden Brent on vocals and piano, Belcher has surrounded himself with the A-List of Mississippi and they add to Belcher’s well-written tune. Again, Belcher’s genuine character surfaces. Rather than interpretation of the classic sound, Belcher and company reproduce that soda shop sound with amazing authenticity.

Due to the buzz created by his first release, Belcher is currently shopping offers in order to out the most truest representation of his own sound. Hopefully with the stagnation of what is available on the airwaves, the retro sound will catch back on.

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