Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Alienate Customers - Red Hook Brewery Style - 14th Annual Hookfest

How to alienate customers - Red Hook Brewery Style - 14th Annual Hookfest

Oversell a festival making sure the amenities aren't up to the number of people in attendance

  • Lines for the entrance where long enough to where most people in line missed the opening act
  • a trip to the porta-johns required AT LEAST an hour investment of time
  • food vendors ran out of food early
Have a lousy sound set-up

  • The mix of Rustic Overtones was just awful. Vocals were non-existent
  • Crash Kings complained openly on stage about compression levels on everything
  • Announce from the stage beer was being shut off at 9PM instead of 9:30 PM assuring that the 9:30 PM time was posted that a number of festival goers would have either been tied up in the bathroom line or would be able to hear the announcement

And then, when all else fails, when customers offer complaints and criticism at an expectable volume level show your customer service expertise with yelled threats of police involvement

  • When requesting $5 beer tickets be bought back by the brewery to be met with YELLED THREATS OF POLICE INVOLVEMENT was a bit much but;
  • when the unhappy customer rationally explained he lived two stats away so a 90 day use policy was useless so he once again rationally requested a ticket buyback, the hysterical member of the Red Hook Management Team brought cops onto the scene

All-in-all it was a shame to have been treated in this manner as beer, sunshine and music normally make for a great day....but poor customer service can trump even the best of days....

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