Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just call me, Mr. Managing Editor...

Out of the respect for my ‘day job’ employer, my work with the Boston Blues Society has always been under a nom de plume.  I would like to think the nom de plume has not altered writing which has been called ‘somewhat unhinged’ before in the past, but ultimately I don’t know.  One thing I do know is, though I cheerfully work behind the nom de plume and Raybans there is no need to scratch deep below the facade to see where the nickname stops and the real person begins.  
Though I pride myself on being a bomb tossing member of the contrarian culture, there comes a time when certain principals and tenets outweigh the desire to create a debate.  Ultimately though I enjoy my unhinged and misanthropic ways and writings, ultimately when the chips are down, I will always step forward to help a friend in need.
This whole beginning is an announcement to say I’ll be cycling down the frequency of updates on the Boston Blues Brews & BBQ blog to take a position with the Boston Blues Society.
At the request of Karen Nugent, President of the Boston Blues Society, I will be taking the Managing Editor position with Boston Blues Society.  Though I doubt my own literacy chops, and certainly won’t be producing white papers on non-Blues acts for filler, if Karen believes in my chops then I will make every attempt to keep the position up to her standards.  
So while this is not the end of the BBBBBQ Blog, sacrifices will be made.  Since content will be at a premium, regular musical updates will not be part of the BBBBBQ Blog.  In addition to the sacrifices to the BBBBBQ Blog, I will be pitching certain chances to the BBS newsletter in order to make it a more inclusive experience.
So, in the meantime, I bid you a fond adieu........and just remember, you can all me;
Managing Editor of the Boston Blues Society, Georgetown Fats....

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