Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Note from Blewzzman regarding Robin Rogers health..

Hello to all my Blues Society contacts.

Below is a copy of an email that was forwarded to me by my friend Tom. It contains information about the serious situation Robin Rogers is involved with. I thought you might like to pass this along to your members.

Let's all hope for the best for her.


Pete the Blewzzman

Hi Tom

Wish I had some good news to pass along but things are pretty rough. Robin

finished the tour with Debbie (8 weeks), was home 2 days, went to Europe with

Janiva and Thorreta Davis for a week, home 2 days, off to St Louis and a couple

other stops, back home and collapsed on the 18th. She was in ICU in very serious

condition until the 29th when she moved to a regular room. I spent a few hours

with her yesterday, and the Doctor was talking about her going home or to a

physical therapy center the next day. I left around 3PM and Tony called around 7

saying the internal bleeding had started again and she was back in ICU. Today

they transferred her to The Med in Charlotte and surgery is being scheduled now.

All this comes from her liver not functioning properly due to Hep C.

There are a couple benefits being put together in Charlotte and a medical trust

fund has been set up. Her new CD comes out this month and the planned release

party has been scrapped along with all tour dates for the rest of the year. A

bunch of DJs around the country are sending out mass press release to let

everyone know about the new disc and to tell them to go to to

order. Maybe we can get some decent sales generated through the web site, cause

there ain't gonna be any sold from the stage for a while.

The girl is fighting her ass off right now and she has a very long and hard road

to recovery. I'll tell Robin and Tony you were asking about her. Wish I had

better news.


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