Saturday, November 6, 2010

David Maxwell's "Conversations in Blue" Release Party - AJ Wachtel

David Maxwell "Conversations in Blue" Release Party
Passim's, Cambridge, MA                                  
Nov. 3, 2010

Tonight's music is impressive on a few different levels: first, this trio has reached the highest rung of musicianship. Maxwell may be the best blues/boogie-woogie piano player in the world, guitarist Troy Gonyea is a Fabulous Thunderbirds/Booker T veteran, and drummer Per Hanson plays in more Grade A local blues bands than any other percussionist. Harpist Rosy Rosenblatt guests after the intermission on a few melodies also. Seeing live music in Passim's is similar to seeing a band in your own living room: the throbbing beat surrounds the crypt-like club and makes the performance seem almost interactive between the band and the audience. The feeling is SO intense that the listener is swept up in the atmosphere too and becomes part of the event. Lastly, the covers, including "Marie," an Otis Spann instrumental, and Muddy Waters’ "Five Long Years" are performed very intimately; and the originals, including "Sister Laura Lee," a gospel-influenced tune, and a new song "R.I.P.," a slow instrumental blues, are as good as the covers. So Tight. So Professional. So Good.

By A.J. Wachtel

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