Monday, November 1, 2010

Live Review - Danny Klein's Full House - AJ Wachtel

Danny Klein's Full House
The Chicken Bone   Framingham            
Live review - AJ Wachtel - 10/1/10

As the evening progresses, I realize the set list sounds like a group of titles from my autobiography, songs that formed my life: "Nothing But A Party,” "Give It To Me,” "Must Have Got Lost,” “Love Stinks,” “Freeze Frame,” "Centerfold" and "Whammer Jammer.” And I quickly realize this band is tight with a capital T: only 2 seconds separate the songs. And this is feel-good music performed powerfully. At one point singer Artie Eaton says: "I expect this roof to shake”; and with people shouting out J.Geils requests and singing loudly along with the songs, his wish is quickly fulfilled.  Hearing everyone doing the "na na na na na-na's" to "Centerfold" or singing along with every word in "Love Stinks" is thrilling.  D.K. is playing a 5 string bass, harpist Rosy Rosenblatt's superb solo in "Whammer Jammer,” complete with five measures of "When The Saints Go Marching In" thrown in, the hard rocking guitar of Stevie Gouette, the melodic strains of keyboardist Dave Quintiliani and the heavy pounding of drummer Jim Taft combine to make a memorable performance. This band is as good as the Geils band: just different.

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