Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fat Belly BBQ - Georgetown MA

Thank you Otis! You truly are man’s best friend, and I will make sure to remember how you did me a solid the next time you have an accident in the house.

So, the story goes a little something like this. After 2 long weeks on the road for back-to-back conferences I kicked back last Friday at The Grille and just enjoyed myself. After consuming a few bad ice cubes and not having a karate class to drive me out of my slumber/stupor sleeping in was the preferred solution to fix my hang over which left The Boss to handle Otis walking chores.

While I slept off the Jameson’s The Boss was walking Otis down and around Crosby’s parking lot and that all-powerful beagle nose locked in on the BBQ scents wafting from the Fat Belly BBQ Trailer. As The Boss will tell you, when that little guy locks in on a scent, he becomes 28 lbs of determination. If it is food related, or involves a woman rubbing his stomach, he also becomes very shameless. He will beg, walk on his back legs, sniff, beg some more until you either give him what he wants or you can separate him from The Scent. That is just what he did too he inhaled, checked out the trailer, stood up, sniffed again and even pawed at the door to the truck (or something to that effect). All of this was done in a crowded parking lot, in full sight of Neighbor Jimmy, numerous shoppers. Apparently, it was all quite a scene.

By the time Otis returned with a thoroughly embarrassed Boss, she was still chuckling over the scene he created. Through the haze, all I could hear was BBQ. I didn’t even have both legs in my pants before running down to Crosby’s with Otis’ same determination. I had to have BBQ. BBQ was EXACTLY what I needed in order to shake off the fuzz and haze.

$26 bucks later.....OH....SO HAPPY! The Boss and I lunched on two Pulled Pork Combo plates, and I left with a party pack for Football Sundays. OH!!!! SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY!

So the word is, there is no immediate plans to open up a permanent restaurant/lunch counter but they do deliver. So if you find you have a BBQ Deficiency, you will have to do some planning.

For additional information about Fat Belly BBQ, check out their blog at;

Or e-mail Kevin & Elaine Tighe at;

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