Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reply from Scott Iwasaki

It seems while I was in the process of spewing some venom, I got some of my facts wrong....

Kudos for the reply and correction. I may not agree with him, but Scott Iwasaki does earn some respect.

Greetings Mr. Georgetown Fats,
Thank you for your email. It’s nice to know someone is reading, even way out on the East Coast.

I see that you have an issue whether or not Ernie & the Automatics is blues rock.

In my story, I didn’t call the music “blues rock.” It was Billboard Magazine that catagorized and charted the album a blues album. I called it a “blues-based rock album.”

That may be a no-brainer, because the classic-rock sound has a base in the blues.

I hope that clears some things up.
Take care.
Scott IwasakiDeseret News music editor30 E. 100 SouthSalt Lake City, Utah 84110

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