Monday, April 5, 2010

Preserving and promoting the blues - A response to BBS Editor's Comments

After a recent post from the Editor of the Boston Society on the Society's newsletter, I felt it necessary to double check the society's mission statement. It is posted here;

Founded in 1988, the Boston Blues Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the blues. Our goals are to involve the community through education of blues music and Southern culture; to act in the community by providing fundraisers for charitable organizations; and to teach children and adults about this great, original American art form.

I’d be blind not to see the less-than veiled dig at yours truly in a post recently by the Editor of the Boston Blues Society, so I figured I’d offer some background information.

After another more recent post by the Society's editor (excerpt posted below), I felt it best to check the mission statement one more time.


If you are offended by thoughts and opinions that go beyond superficial ephemera (like fedoras, wayfarers, alcohol or sullied places) and you see your connection to blues music as mere escapism, then this organization is probably not the best fit for you. I strongly encourage all of you to get involved with the many other blues societies that share your worldview.


Gee?? Who do you think he meant with this crack?

Nowhere in the Society's mission statement do I see any mention of advancement of political opinion.

Just for the record, the issue at hand is in result to an objection I voiced on what was an appropriate piece for the Boston Blues Society Newsletter. Not the content of the article, but our editor using the BBS newsletter as a platform for his own political opinion.

It has nothing to do with a disagreement of my own political opinion (libertarian, libertine for the record) nor was attempting to stifle Mellor’s own free speech. I question all who blindly support the politicians who make up their political party.

My personal view is just as Mellor’s or Homan’s, Blues is more more than “My baby done left me” but as reporters we should just focus on the reporting of the music. If you want to mix politics with blues, compose your own blues songs/material, form a band and attempt to get signed.

Religion and blues music also mix well together, and it would be just as inappropriate for a member of the BBS to use the newsletter to further their own religious agenda. Sex is also part of blues music, but I’d like to think our time was far better than attempting to out artists on their sexuality.

As to my future with The Boston Blues Society, though it’s clear the editor would I put my pen name to use with another society I serve at will of Karen Nugent, BBS Society president. Ultimately if I have gone passed my expiration date with my work here, though I will miss the opportunity to contribute to the continuation of blues music....I’ll live.

I am fortunate enough to work for another Society as part of my ‘day job’. It is a highly respected, non-music society which happens to put a lot of stock into caring for their brand image. As an employee, I would be better compensated working for a for-profit organization, but I happen to agree with their core mission and wish to do ‘my part’ on behalf of their image/corporate logo etc. Doing ‘my part’ for the Boston Blues Society is “preserving and promoting the blues” not continuing a petty argument. I highly respect the mission statement and respect the organization, I highly respect the society’s president, and I respect a number of the contributors to the society. That will just have to be enough for now.


  1. OOOOH. Pissy aren't we? You read the disclaimer, seems pretty clear to me. Now if you don't like what you read...too bad

  2. Hi Gerry. Thanks for your note.

    Yeah, I guess I am pissy.

    Thanks for your note, and for reading my little piece of the web.