Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blind Willy - Willing to Crawl - Peter Blewzzman Lauro

Blind Willy
"Willing To Crawl"
Spec Records
By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © August 2010
    Blind Willy consists of: Doug Jones on vocals, guitar and harmonica; James Cook on bass and background vocals; Derek Mixon on drums; Johnny Neel on keyboards; Joanna Cotton on background vocals; Chris West on saxophone; Adam Jones on trombone; and Dan Cohen on guitar (1 track).  The disc is an EP which contains five outstanding original tracks.
    Doug may be "Living The Blues" but, as he happily states on this opening track, he's "not going down without a puttin' up a fight - 'cause he fells like rockin' tonight".  Atta boy, Doug!  Right from the get go the band gets into one of those toe tappin', head bobbin' grooves - led by the rhythm work of James, Derek and Johnny - and they lock it right in.  That, combined with the amazingly harmonic vocals and background vocals sung by Doug and Joanna, make this one hell of a track.  While writing this paragraph, it's a close call as to what my fingers hit more - the keypad or the replay button.  Excellent stuff!
    In order to get his woman back, Doug's not only man enough to let her see his teardrops fall, but he's also "Willing To Crawl".  The emotions relayed through his powerfully yet passionate vocals, leave absolutely no question as to his sincerity.  With a steady, intense organ background and a strong drum rhythm behind him Doug's at discs best as he squeezes tears out of his guitar as well.  
    "My Little Feelgood" is a heck of a party song.  As a matter of fact, there's quite a party going on in the background.  This one's highlighted by wind - hot wind and lots of it - Doug blowin' it into the harp and Chris and Adam blowin' it into their horns.  Add some hand clapping, lots of laughing and several people singing background and you've got a real smoker goin' on.
    "Leave The Light On" is an absolutely exquisite and sensually sung ballad.  About two thirds into the track Doug hits some notes that sent chills through my body.  I know there are literally thousands of beautifully sung love songs out there, but this one's got to be one of the best.  My apologies to the rest of the guys in the band - I know you're there, but I'm lost in the vocals on this one. 
    I'm sure the guys worked up a "Sweat" while recording this one, because they all sound on top of their game.  James, Derek and Johnny are at it again - serving up some intense rhythm, Chris and Adam are blowin' fire outta their horns, and Doug..... oh he's just up to his usual singin' the hell out of the song.  
    Even though it's an EP, I believe I may have just listened to the front runner in the 2010 "Blewzzy Award" competition.  Short of offering a money back guarantee, I am promising you that there won't be one second of this disc you will not love.  Go - right now - to www.blindwilly.com and get one (being an EP, it's priced right).  And while you're there, tell Doug the Blewzzman says "WOW!" 
Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

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