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Whiteboy James And The Blues Express -Last Time Was The Last Time - Peter Blewzzman Lauro

Whiteboy James And The Blues Express
"Last Time Was The Last Time"
Rip Cat Records
By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © August 2010

Whiteboy James And the Blues Express, a band that's self proclaimed as being "a detonative force not to be reckoned with" consists of: Whiteboy James on vocals and harmonica; Scott Abeyta on guitar; Blake Watson on bass; Max Bangwell on drums; and having absolutely nothing to do with the music at all, but certainly adding pleasure to the discs appearance - Bridget Blonde as the cover model.

Everything I'm reading about this band - the one sheet included with the disc, the liner notes written by Dan Jacobson of Southland Blues Magazine and quotes at the bands' website - all indicate that this is one hell of a band to catch live. Let's see if my ears will lead me to agree.

The opening track, "Chicken And The Hawk", immediately starts off in high gear and never lets up. This smoker is highlighted by wickedly wild rhythm from Max - on drums, and Blake - on what sounds like a stand up bass. Dancers, especially the swingers, will surely love this one.

The title track, "Last Time Was The Last Time" is one of several tracks which feature Whiteboy playing harp. As good as he is, I'm surprised there aren't a lot more of these wonderful harp highlights. The rhythm, as you'll probably hear me say throughout, is once again intense.

This instrumental is only 80 seconds long, but it's full throttle all the way. It could be that there was a "Fat Chance" the guys could go on at this pace much longer. I got out of breath just listening.

Being written by the guitarist, "T-Bone For Daisy" just so happens to feature some of the discs best guitar work. From the pen to the pick, this instrumental is all Scott. Slow, scorching blues, just the way I like it.

"Worried Life Blues" is another of what appears to be many well done tracks. Strong vocals from Whiteboy and hard driving guitar from Scott highlight this one. As a matter of fact, right about now I'm wondering how the heck I haven't heard of this incredible guitarist - who also happens to own the label - before this disc.

Untamed musicians, performing untamed acts on their instruments can only lead to one thing - "Untamed Melody". Track after track the Blues Express has continued to blow me away. This is another free for all instrumental led by "Mad" Max on drums and "Scorching" Scott on guitar.

"Shave 'em Dry #2" is another of the tracks that the "Parental Advisory" on the disc jacket applies to. On this one Whiteboy seems to take pleasure in graphically describing his sexual pleasures as well as patting himself on the back for his apparent superior ability in performing them. If you can hear past the lyrics on this one you'll experience some remarkable guitar chords from Scott.

Other tracks on "Last Time Was The Last Time" include: "By My Side", "Upside Your Head", "Reefer Man", "Don't Fuck Around With Love", "Keep It Clean", "Walk Around The World" and "Kiss Me When I Kiss".

From what I just heard, I'd have to agree with live show sentiments mentioned earlier. The guys are certainly talented enough, definitely entertaining enough and surely crazy enough to make me want to see them.

If you'd like to pickup a copy of "Last Time Was The Last Time", and I think you should, just go to While you're there, please tell the guys that the Blewzzman's hoping they make it to Florida someday.

By the way - and this might be a good idea for interested radio stations - there is a PG version of the disc available. Just ask the band for the details.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

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