Friday, December 4, 2009

My Deep Blues Manifesto

Attention Deep Blues bands, acts and fans. I have that bug and am loud and obnoxious enough to preach the Deep Blues gospel to any and all who will listen.

I have nothing but respect for my predecessors Robert Mugge and Robert Palmer (not that Robert Palmer) not to mention Chris Johnson, Roger Stolle, and the many other supporters who have proceeded me. I am clearly not inventing a new wheel, just trying to help keep that wheel going forward (especially in this not-so-receptive New England market).

If you are still reading, here is my ‘Deep Blues Promotion Manifesto’

Everything under the ‘Deep Blues’ genre to the BBBBBQ Blog will not receive a stellar review.

  • If I don’t like the material, I’ll tell you why
  • Sorry, instead of “keeping the blues alive mantra” I only want to keep good blues alive

I have no initial intentions of making money off of your music.

  • I do this for the passion of the music and the passion for cramming my musical opinion down the throat of some ‘Ernie and the Automatics’ fans
  • And, it is your music

Every CD issued to the Boston Blues Brews and BBQ blog will be treated with the utmost respect

  • All disks issued to the BBBBBQ will be reviewed.
  • The review will be first offered to the Boston Blues Society
  • If the BBS does not pick up the review, reviews will be published on the BBBBBQ Blog
  • All disks offered up to the BBBBQ Blog will be offered up to potential ‘Deep Blues’ fans

So if this is of interest to any fans, bands, or labels though I am a somewhat shadowy and sometimes drunken figure I am not a hard man to find.


Georgetown Fats

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