Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you Drew Bancroft

Rules are made to be broken, and I am sure no one would begrudge me a public thank you for an incredible act of kindness.

Having listened to Drew Bancroft's "07" several times today the song brought me back to a very special Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1997. I can still smell the musty studio walls, the dank air, and the dusty consoles of WBIM-91.5 FM. I can still see Jen's unsuspecting face bopping away to the tunes while studying in the WBIM office. As I podded down some song that was not mood appropriate I began to speak. My voice quivered and shook in my headphones, I held my great-great-grandmother's engagement ring in my right hand as I watched the woman of my dreams race in through the news studio and into the on air booth. Having popped the "B" sound in Campbell, the lump in my throat began to build. I knew I had to spin a song and get off the air quickly. There was no way Jen was going to answer this question on the air and it was clear I was a dead man if I was pulling yet another stunt.

The perfect song choice for the not-so-perfectly set moment was Rosemary Caine's "'87". I took off my head phones, turned up the studio monitors, and got down on one knee to attempt to ask the most important question I would ever utter. For one of the few times in my life I have had trouble speaking, your music helped me through a tougher than expected moment.

She said "Of course!" It was probably the biggest moment in our almost 18 years together. Thank you for being a major part of it.

I have come to the point in our story where Jen will have officially been a part of my life longer than she has not been a part of my life. Thank you so much for being a such major part of yet another special moment for the two of us. Sure '07 may lack studio polish of '87, but it lacks none of the power of a truly great song.

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