Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Hits

  • I am pleased to announce The Boston Blues, Brews & BBQ blog has received the blessings of one Ms. Karen Nugent, President of the Boston Blues Society. Thanks Karen. I promise I won’t embarrass you with the blog anymore than my normal contributions to the BBS.

  • I am pleased so say I have recently heard from Scottie "Mad Dog" Blinn of the Mississippi Mudsharks and Double Barrel Records...

“It's been awhile. Hope you are doing well. Hey, the Mississippi Mudsharks ( have a new CD out "Voodoo Doll". I also just produced a CD for Joey Harris (formerly of the Beat Farmers)...”

I’m looking forward to hearing the new Mississippi Mudsharks material for some good and greasy biker blues.

  • Great game pitched by Roy Halladay against my hometown 9, however I am kicking myself for not checking out my roster in my Fraternity Baseball League

  • I am still in the process of locking down a date with Kitt Cox of The Farm Bar & Grille in Essex. Kitt runs a “Thursday Blues & Brews Acoustic Open Mic” at The Farm that I have heard real good things about. Make sure to check on The Boston Blues Society site for a future feature.

and that is all for now....check back for more.

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