Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quinn Sullivan

If anyone was actually reading the entertainment section of The Boston Herald today you may have glanced at the article about young Quinn Sullivan the exceptionally young guitar prodigy out of New Bedford.


Certainly the boy must have chops, the great Buddy Guy probably doesn’t just call in favors for anyone...however just call me suspicious and dubious. Part of being a great in blues music is taking on a protege. Curtis took on Jake & Elwood Blues helping shape their sound, Junior Kimbrough helped both shape Richard Johnston & Jason Ricci, Charley Patton even helped shape Howlin’ Wolf.....

It’s just every time I hear of an exceptionally young blues act hit the scene, I get a leery. Having been force fed stories on how good The Homemade Jamz Blues Band was, I got a chance to listen to the material myself and it sounded just like I expected it to sound. Three kids playing 1-IV-V progressions and mimicking the blues as their gimmick. The Blues require a certain lifestyle which is awful hard to imitate, either you have it or you don’t. At 18 or 19, you probably don’t have it.

I wish young Quinn the best. Clearly if Mavis Staples, BB King and Buddy Guy think you are worthy to join them on stage there has got to be some talent there. Also he’s a local kid from ‘New Beige’, so there is some material on those streets....but I just can’t help think this is going to be another Homemade Jamz Blues Band schtick, and that is just too bad.

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