Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Hits

Let’s start the Quick Hits today by revving up the self promotion machine.

  • Blues, brews and BBQ make me as happy as a pig in shit, or the late Michael Jackson at a Cub Scout Jamboree (too soon?). There is just something real good about a debauchery, especially the Thirsty Thursday before I turn 3-5.Hell, whip in some gambling and we’re talking religious experience. The Growlers - Half Loaded Duo will be the featured artists at The Farm’s Blues, Brews & BBQ session tomorrow night. We’re looking forward to the new venue, and the new crowd. If I can keep Nigel away from the ribs and smoker long enough we’re probably talking one hell of a night. There is also a good chance we will talk new Growler Dre’ Reust into coming down and laying down some of the low end acoustic work. Should be a great night in my old home town of Essex, Ma.

  • The 10 Ft Polecats are back from the Deep Blues Festival. Welcome home boys, looking forward to seeing the uncensored pictures from the Deep Blues Festival.

  • Blind Billy checked in to say a good time was had by all the new Stone Soup in Ipswich.

  • While watching “The Cleaner” on A&E, there is a story about two twin red heads who are junkies. One is a hooker on smack, another is Harvard educated chick. The Harvard Chick keeps referring to the mother character as “Her Mom-mee”. Now I have a weakness for redheads, but the whole whining thing.....oh GAWD no. This just proves, no matter how attractive a woman is there is still a guy who won’t put up with their shit.

  • Matt Stubbs is headed back out to California to do some more work with Charlie Musslewhite. Safe travels Matt, and knock ‘em dead. I’ve you’re out West, or have a chance to catch Matt & Charlie play live sell your closest relative to get to this show.

  • Having just finished reading Robert Palmer’s (not THAT Robert Palmer) “Deep Blues”, I wanted share a passage with you. As part of an interview in 1974 with Rolling Stone, Clapton told a story about getting dropping some acid before hitting the stage with The Dominoes. Every time he played a bluesy lick his guitar turned into into rubber while the crowd turned into devils. When he played a sweet lick, the audience turned into angels. It was an that point he decided to clean up his act and play pop. Now I don’t begrudge anyone their sobriety or their right to play pop crap, I’m just wondering how Clapton gets all this credit for being a blues guy when he hasn’t played blues in 36 years?

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